20 April 2007

Young ambassadors for Northern Uganda

The news of resumption of talks bring another window of hope for the people
of Northern Uganda. My own opinion is that the talk is taking too long and
if not carefully handled it can take years and years. I think there is some
economic gains in this talks. I recall that one of the reasons that led to
the break in the talk was allowances, the LRA delegation complained that
they are being paid too little compared to the government delegation. It may
bounce back to a statement by Professor Dan Nabudere who said " Poverty
cannot be overcome by those who benefit from it" From this statement I am
tempted to say that the war in Northern Uganda cannot be overcome by people
who benefit from it.

Recently I went to Amuru Camp with a group of Students from Denmark for a visit in the New district curved out of Gulu about a
year ago. These students have surely become our new ambassadors, and I know they will share their experiences with their fellow students as well as lecturers.
Amuru camp has a population of 51,330 according to a figure given by the LC111
and he told me that people are able to visit their original villages, do a
bit of digging and come back to sleep in the camps. That they are not sure
of their security. Of course there are some new camps created, these one are
nearer to people’s original villages, so the issue of walking long distances
has reduced a bit. But the distrust of the LRA and UPDF is another issue which has to be addressed. Why, Civilian cannot fully trust the UPDF, not least because any military action taken by UPDF against the LRA generally involves killing their abducted children. Still the fact that the UPDF where treating anyone outside of an IDP camp as collaborator may still be ringing into the minds of people such that life outside an IDP camp may not be very easy at the moment. Worst still is the fact that incase the peace talks fails, the innocent children will be abducted and again conscripted into the LRA while others are killed. So who wants this to happen to him or her?
I even saw many children just redundant in the camps and always following
Visitors whenever they go. On the situation generally its calm and traffic
moves even at night without problem. Buses from Gulu to Kampala can even
leave at 2:00 am and arrive in Kampala by 6:00 am.
Rev.Willy Akena

17 April 2007

Danish Students in Gulu

Today I have students who are doing communication at the University in Denmark. They are here for a short time.Pernille is their guide. Detail will come your way. Look at their pictures.
Are you willing to come for a visit? please let me know, our doors are wide open.

11 April 2007


Easter in Atiak camp in Amuru District has been hot, dry and windy. The major problem we have seen is lack of water. Look at these pictures and pray that they may be able to get enough clean water in addition to the many needs. We appeal for practical help to drill a borhole, drilling one bore hole is approximately 18 million Uganda shillings.
Atiak is some few miles to Sudan.

Pictures by Rev.Willy Akena on Sunday April 8, 2007

05 April 2007


The best boy has no future

Yesterday I visited a home in Gulu Municipality. I met a woman who narrated how her son managed to go to a secondary school Sir Samuel Baker commonly called Pongdwongo, in Gulu district.
This boy made some bricks during the holiday while waiting for the Primary Leaving Result. The routine is for him to go to the well, fetch some water, walk back home where he has already dug the soil, pour the water and start mixing until it's properly done. He then scoop the mud and pile it together in form of an anthill for about 12 hours, thereafter he has to start making the bricks. The bricks are then left to dry, after that he assemble them ready for burning. The process of getting firewood for this work is another tag of war.
The boy fortunately was the best in his School in the 2006 PLE result and was admitted in the above school.
Time for reporting, was like time of mourning the lost of a dear one, because the school requirements too hard for the boy’s parents. All the same he managed to report but because he paid only part of the fees he is to wait for the food left out after the other students who have paid have eaten then he may get something. This is just first term of the long four or six years ahead of him. And there is no sign of improvement in the financial base of the parents of this boy.
The purpose of this message is to request you to practically support this boy. If you need detail please contact me on dnu@utlonline.co.uk or akenawilly@yahoo.co.uk then I will link you up with the boy, parents and the former school as well as the present school.