10 May 2010

A miracle has happened

Rev. Willy Akena reports
In what many people here have seen as the mighty work of God in the Diocese of Northern Uganda, on Sunday 2nd May 2010 at St. Philips Cathedral Gulu, two retired Bishops received cars for their personal use during their retirement. Bishop Nelson Onono-Onweng who was consecrated in 1998 and retired in 2009, received Car Number UAK 877V, while Bishop Allan Oboma who retired in 1998 received car Registration number UAN 517 J. The current Bishop of the Diocese of Northern Uganda Johnson Gakumba locally fundraised for the car that was given to Bishop Allan Oboma, while the one given to Bishop Nelson had been bought for the Diocese of Northern Uganda during Nelson reign. While speaking to a large crowd that turned up for the function, the retired Bishop of Kitgum Diocese Mack Baker Ochola 11 said “ Tangu Otime” Meaning Miracle has happened. The reason that made people to believe that Tangu Otime is because in the history of the Church in Uganda, particularly in the Diocese of Northern Uganda, when a Bishop retires, he goes out without means of transport. A retired bishop is often found walking on foot or on boda body motorcycle riders. The Paramount Chief of Acholi Rwot Onen David Acana 11 thanked Bishop Johnson for thinking about the retired Bishops, he appealed to the Bishop to think about the retired clergy as well as catechist.