06 December 2012

Launching of 16 Days of Activism in the Diocese of Northern Uganda Thursday December 6, 2012

By Rev. Willy Akena. The Provincial Mothers Union President Rev Dr. Edidah Mary Mujinya together with the Provincial Mothers Union Worker Mrs Sara Kasule were guests during the official launching of 16 days of activism against gender based Violence campaign.
The Diocesan Bishop of the Diocese of Northern Uganda the Rt. Rev Johnson Gakumba while launching this activity in the Diocese called upon the participants to actively involve themselves in the fight against gender Based Violence in the Diocese. The Bishop said because of the war that was in Northern Uganda there are many challenges facing the people in the Diocese. Many people are hostile and can easily get annoyed and fight. The bishop appealed to members to make sure girls are given opportunity to study. He castigated some parents who give their daughters in marriage at an early age to stop the practice. “Bring women in leadership position” the Bishop said, He challenged women who are majority to make sure women are elected into position of leadership including priests as well as Bishops.
The Provincial Mothers Union Presidents said many men are not working hard enough and that some cultures leave most of the work to women. The MU president also challenged women especially the working class or professional against hiring house girls. Citing her own example she said for the last 22 years she has had no single house maid. “You bring a village girl who does not know any thing :- from cooking, mopping, ironing and general house hold cores, but after one year this poor girl is able to do much better work than even your own children. Quoting Ephesians 5:25-30 the MU presidents said men must love their wives and women are to submit to the men. Saying this does not mean that the women are to be look down upon. They need to complement each other. She further said submission is power in itself.
The District Gender office Mrs Akumu Christine appealed to men and everybody to put an affirmative action in order to uplift the women to a certain level .She added that all sectors must put in place gender friendly facilities e.g the front desk in a school must be gender sensitive so that the girls who sits infront do not become agents of sexual arousement. Even in the production sector women must participate in all areas including sale and purchase in the family, not only garden work. Christine appealed to women to accept men to be partners in projects or other activities that women are involved in. In another related development Christine informed participants that some sub counties in Uganda, education of the boy child is very low like around lake Kyoga, and so many girls have also gone to school. The 16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence is an international campaign originating from the first Women’s Global Leadership Institute in 1991.
The campaign runs from 25th November to 10th December annually. The dates chosen include, November 25, the International Day against Violence against Women and December 10, the International Human Rights day, in order to symbolically link violence against women and human rights and to emphasize that such violence is a violation of human rights and to emphasize that such violence is a violation of human rights. The 16 –day period also highlights other significant dates including December 1, which is World AIDS day, and December 6, which marks the Anniversary of the Montreal Massacre of 1989. The 16 Days Campaign is observed by actors in government, civil society, local communities and development partners to organize and speak out for increased attention to the prevalence and occurrence of Gender Based Violence (GBV) and to call for action to prevent GBV and respond appropriately to incidence of GBV. The Global theme for 2011: From Peace in the home to peace in the World; Let’s Challenge militarism and end violence against women. The National theme for Uganda: From Peace in the Home to Peace in the Nation: end violence against women. In yet another related development the Diocesan Secretary Rev. Canon Ayella Okot Othniel Labeja said having all the documents like the Provincial gender Policy, Acholi Cultural policy, House of Bishops resolution and many others and do not put them in practice is like having a decent house but empty.
The staff of the Diocese of Northern Uganda had a rare opportunity of playing football as a way of saying together they are willing and ready to advocate for prevention of Violence against Women.

23 November 2012

Women Development Centre

The Women Development Centre started in the 1980's and since then it has trained over 300 women in tailoring, secretarial, hairdressing as well as functional adult literacy. With support from Danish Uganda Friendship Association the centre has give out over 120 sewing machines to former students. Some of the Alumni have made proper use of the sewing machine and now able to support themselves
as well as others. One success story is of Akello Scovia K who completed from the WDC in 2009. This year she was able to get 2.6 million Uganda shilling from making school uniforms for Awoo Primary School in Omoro County, Gulu District. Scovia is now able to pay her two children in school with money from her tailoring.

108 years as new creation

On Monday 26th November 2012 all road in Northern Uganda will lead to Keyo Musalaba for a celebration of 108 years since the first CMS missionaries arrived in Acholiland. Last year we had mass wedding as well are ordination of deacons and priest. This year we expect to have some candidates confirmed. Stay tune for more stories.

24 September 2012

A life changing story. Why I could not sleep this night.

Picture of Aloyo Paska in front of Graceland Girls School Administrative block The time is 3:49am on Monday September 24, 2012, I could not sleep, I found myself shading tears after seeing life story of Aloyo Paska in a dream that woke me up to write it down, a total orphan who lost both her parents to HIV/AIDS while she was still young. Aloyo Paska’s Father was called Lumumba Patrick hailing from Kitgum District and the Mother was Angwech Jenny from Nwoya District. During the war Angwech came to town to buy a few things and got in touch with Lumumba Patrick now the late and somehow she felt in love with him and they later got married. They stayed in Gulu town because Lumumba was a business man. Being a business man somehow he lived a reckless life and contracted HIV/AIDS and died a few years later. His wife Jenny died later leaving two children Aloyo Paska and Onencan Stephen, Aloyo means I am a winner while Onencan means you see poverty. These two names are very contradicting. Lumumba Patrick did not leave behind a will and had no proper relative to take care of the two children. The Mother in law took the two children to be her own and tried to educate them in the rural school in Nwoya district, because of the intensity of the war between the Lord’s resistance army and the government of Yoweri Museveni, the family were displaced in Anaka town ship where Aloyo studied for her primary leaving and passed well to join a day secondary school. She was admitted to Keyo Secondary School which was by then displaced in Gulu town, later she transferred to Gulu High School where through the Mothers Union, she was picked to be paid by St. Peter’s fund. She sat for her Ordinary leaving Examination and did not do very well, she however got admission to go to Advance level but the committee of St. Peter’s fund said they could no longer continue to support her fees. Aloyo then went back to the village now corner Nwoya , when she saw that her only younger brother Onencan was not going to school because of school fees, she decided to start teaching in a primary school inorder to get money to pay her brother Onencan Stephen who had done his primary leaving examinations and admitted to Pope Paul VI Anaka. Aloyo stated teaching as untrained teacher at Kinene Primary School and was being paid 70,000 (seventy thousand Uganda shillings) monthly. Aloyo was able to save some money almost enough to pay her younger brother fees for a term. Unfortunately as she was not a trained teacher she needed someone to train her in lesson preparation and scheme of work. Aloyo became close to one teacher in the school who could help her to prepare her teaching materials. The grandparents got information that Aloyo was in love with the teacher and one day they decided to spy on her and found the teacher guiding her in lesson preparation, they then said the teacher was in love with Aloyo and forced her to marry the teacher. They even made her to sleep in the home of the teacher. This story did not please Aloyo who had a plan to educate her brother and possible also find ways of continuing with her studies. Aloyo got so disturb by this turn of events that she almost became insane, we got the news and asked her to come and stay with us in Town. While in town with us, Aloyo continue going to church and became very active in church activities like dancing in the church youth groups, reading lessons, sharing in fellowships and many other activities. Bishop Johnson saw Aloyo and asked why she is not going to school while the rest of her peers where going to School, she then narrated her story above , the Bishop decided to help her go back to school after one year out of school. Luckily enough Aloyo was admitted to Graceland Girls School in Gulu and the Bishop paid her fees for two years (senior Five and Six). Now Aloyo is set to sit for her Advance Level Education in November and hoping to join University or other institution of learning.
Bishop Johnson in a photo with Aloyo on the right and her friend I ask you to pray for Aloyo Paska as the Bishop recently wrote a letter to me saying “Willy this is my last support to Aloyo Paska, I had promised to pay her upto Senior Six and I thank God that I have fulfilled my promised” I have not yet shared this letter with Aloyo, I am waiting for her to first complete her Exams and then find appropriate time to share this letter with her. Remember Aloyo was first sponsored by St. Peter’s fund basing on the fact that she was a total orphan and later dropped, which landed her into teaching and then forcefully marrying a man not because of her choice. The Bishop took care of her fees for two years and I very much appreciate St. Peter’s Fund and the Bishop for their support. I personally could not pay Aloyo’s fees because I already have four of my children in Secondary school and always paying them by installment as my salary cannot complete payment at once. Our last child is in primary one. So pray for me as I pray for these children that God has given us. We have taken Aloyo as our child and she has now lived with us for six years and we do not want her to experience the same after her senior six. So pray for us. You can send an e-mail to me at akenawilly@yahoo.co.uk or call me on + 256 (0) 772667 334

18 September 2012

President Museveni Praise the Late Bishop Oboma

By Emmanuel Omona President Yoweri Museveni has commended the Late Bishop Gideon Allan Oboma for the enormous struggle to bring peace in Northern Uganda. The President’s message in a letter read by the Minister for Internal Affairs, Eng. Hillary Onek at St. Phillips Church in Gulu High, described the Late Bishop Oboma as one of the most hardworking religious leaders, who dedicated their life to bring peace in northern Uganda. The president called on other religious leaders in Uganda to emulate the late Oboma so that Ugandans borrow a leaf from him. The Late Bishop Oboma died early this month from St. Mary’s Hospital Lacor in Gulu District after a long illness. His death has caused shock among the Acholi leaders who think that he has left a big gap that would not be filled immediately. He was buried at the St. Phillips Cathedral in Gulu High School. Born in 1932 at Atiak, in the present Amuru District, the late Bishop Gideon Allan Oboma served as the fifth Bishop of the Diocese of Northern Uganda from 1979 up to 1998. He was educated at Atiak Church of Uganda, Lira Palwo , Buwalasi Primary Teacher’s College. Between 1964 and 1965, Oboma trained at St. Andres’s Community Centre in Mbale as a ‘Tent Maker’ priest. He was made Deacon at Christ Church, Gulu District in 1976, and practiced his priesthood at St. Philips Pro Cathedral Gulu, in 1979. Oboma’s commitment to the service of the Lord did not go unnoticed, as he soon won a place to study for a Diploma in Higher Education at Trinity College, Bristol, in the United Kingdom between 1981-1983.
Bishop Gideon Allan Oboma and Blandina Oboma (both of them have gone to be with the Lord) From 1983 to 1985, he was at Oak Hill Theological College, London from where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Theology and Pastoral Studies.

08 September 2012

Retired Bishop Gideon Allan Oboma is dead

The Bishop passed on from Lacor Hospital on Thursday 6th September 2012 at around 10:30pm.Burial arrangement will be communicated later. Allan Oboma served as the fifth Bishop of the Diocese of Northern Uganda from 1979 up to 1998. Gideon Oboma was born on 22nd October 1932 at Atiak in Amuru District formerly Gulu District.He was baptized on the 15th April 1934 in infancy and later confirmed. He was educated at Atiak Church of Uganda, Lira Palwo ,and Buwalasi Primary Teacher’s College. In 1964-1965 Allan trained at St. Andrew's community centre , Mbale as Tent Maker priest.
He was made Deacon on 25th April 1967 at Christ Church Gulu and Priested at St. Philips Pro Cathedral Gulu, in 1969. He went to Bishop Tucker Theological College from 1972-1975, where he graduated with a Diploma in Theology from Makerere University, Kampala. In 1976 he was appointed Dean of St. Philips Pro Cathedral Church, Gulu and Chaplain Gulu High School. He was appointed an Assistant Bishop of Northern Uganda on 14th January 1979. Allan was made an acting Diocesan Bishop when the Diocesan Bishop was in exile. He went to Trinity College Bristol in England from 1981-1983 and graduated with a Diploma in Higher Education. From 1983-1985 he was at Oak Hill Theological College, London England and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in Theology and Pastoral Studies. Bishop Allan Oboma retired in May 1998. He and his wife Blandina Oboma (RIP) are blessed with four children.

27 August 2012

Rebuilding Northern Uganda

The war between the rebels of Joseph Kony and the President of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni ended about 5 years ago. What was destroyed during the 20 years war cannot be rebuilt within a short time.
Catherine Holding new materials sent by Marie from Japan Women here have suffered most and the impact is still being felt and will continue to be so, unless a systematic positive plan is put in place to address this. We sincerely thank Marie Cosgrove for all the support she has so far given to the Diocese of Northern Uganda, it all start small but expanding in a mighty way. Marie with support from her friends in Japan is sending used clothes for children and some adults. Recently we received a very good JUKI sewing machine which is now assembled and has become one of the best machines we have at the Women Development Centre. In addition to the above Marie is able to give us some very good materials which we are using to make eco bags. Some of the materials can be used to make very good dresses. One of the best gifts that Marie is helping to give us is sending Joyce Ajok and Catherine Tusingwire to study in Japan and there after come back to train more girls at the Women Development Centre.
Ajok Joyce Using the JUKI machine from Japan Women Development Centre currently has 46 girls studying tailoring, 26 for hairdressing and 2 for designing. The centre has many challenges as the girls who come to the centre are from very poor background. Most of them dropped out of school after only 4-7 years. Reasons for the drop are: - School fees, cultural only boys are given priority where money is not adequate and some girls said they could not continue because of getting very low marks in class. With support from Danish Uganda Friendship Association (DUFA) more than 200 girls have graduated from the women Development centre and have formed Alumni groups in the different centre across the Diocese of Northern Uganda. At least 110 of the former student have been given sewing machines with support from DUFA. Some of the former students have become role model in their communities. Pray with us so that Marie get money to help Joyce and Catherine travel to Japan.

22 June 2012

Rt. Rev Stanley Ntagali is new COU Archbishop

Publish Date: Jun 22, 2012 By Raymond Baguma and Vicky Wandawa The Rt. Rev. Stanley Ntagali is the new archbishop of the Church of Uganda. He takes over from outgoing Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi in December. The House of Bishops, comprising leaders of the 34 dioceses in the country, elected the new Archbishop this morning after a week-long retreat at Lweza Conference Centre. Ntagali becomes the eighth person to assume the seat in the history of the Church of Uganda. Previous archbishops of the Church of Uganda are Leslie Brown, who was the first archbishop of Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Boga-Zaire. Others were Erica Sabiti, Janani Luwum, Silvanus Wani, Yona Okoth, Livingstone Mpalanyi-Nkoyoyo and Henry Luke Orombi. Henry Luke Orombi, Stanley Ntagali and Mpalanyi Nkoyoyo after the elections. Photo by Arthur Kintu The communications director for the Church of Uganda, the Rev. Can. Dr. Alison Barfoot, said outgoing Archbishop Orombi will begin a farewell tour to all the 34 dioceses in the Church of Uganda. She said the new archbishop will also serve as the Diocesan Bishop of Kampala diocese as well as archbishop of the entire Church of Uganda. The new archbishop will be consecrated on December 16 at St. Paul’s Cathedral in Namirembe. Other contenders to the position were Steven Kazimba Mugalu Mbowa (Mukono diocese), Stanley Ntagali (Masindi-Kitala diocese), Joel Obetia (Madi and West Nile diocese) and Nathan Kyamanywa. Early this year, Orombi announced he would step down as Church of Uganda Archbishop and called for the election of his successor. Who is Rev. Stanley Ntagali He was born in Kigezi, 57 years ago, but his family later migrated to Bunyoro. He has been working as a teacher, youth worker and missionary. The New Archbishop Stanley Ntagali. Photo by Arthur Kintu. Ntagali has held various positions in the Church of Uganda since he was ordained in 1981. He served as vicar, diocesan secretary and archdeacon. When he was archdeacon of Masindi, he spearheaded the creation of Masindi-Kitara Diocese. When Ntagali was provincial secretary, he organised the enthronement of Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi. He is known to be outspoken on public issues. For instance, his views on the Anti-Gay Bill are wellknown. Ntagali holds a masters degree in theology and development from the Oxford Centre for Mission, UK. He studied at Bishop Tucker Theological College and St. Paul’s United Theological College in Limiru, Kenya. He is married to Beatrice with whom he has five children.

New Archbishop to be announced

Facts on the election process By Monitor Reporter Posted Thursday, June 21 2012 at 00:00 1.The election of the next Archbishop will take place tomorrow, Friday, June 22, 2012 in the Provincial Office of the Church of Uganda, Namirembe. 2. The name of the place where the voting is taking place is – Lweza Training and Conference Centre on Entebbe Road. 3.The House of Bishops is the body that elects the Archbishop. It comprises all active Diocesan and Assistant Bishops. There are 35 Bishops in the House of Bishops and the Provincial Chancellor presides over the lection. 4.The leading contenders are said to be Nathan Kyamanywa, Bunyoro Kitara Diocese; Stanley Ntagali Masindi Diocese; and Joel Obetia Madi,West Nile Diocese. 5.An Archbishop can serve for 10 years only and no more. They can only serve until their 65th birthday, at which age they must retire, even if they have served less than their 10-year term. 6.To be elected an Archbishop, you must be a Bishop in the Church of Uganda and at least 50 years old. Share This Story Share 7.The role of the Arch bishop in the Church is generally to act as the Head of the Anglican Church, promote evangelism and mission, promote the youth ministry and provide stewardship and financial accountability. 8. All Dioceses must have Bishops. There can be no vacant dioceses and there are currently 35 serving in the Church of Uganda. Of these 29 are eligible to become Archbishop. 9.The current Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi is retiring after nine years and before he turns 65. He said in his January 11 press conference, “My passion as a Christian and a leader is preaching the Gospel, and that has been my life-long calling. When I have been invited to our Dioceses on pastoral visits, I have always made it an opportunity to preach and invite people into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. So, I want to devote the rest of my life, while I am still able, to fulfillthis calling full-time. 10 The previous Archbishops include: a)Archbishop Leslie Brown, British missionary, was the first Archbishop of Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and Boga-Zaire (1961-1966) b)Archbishop Erica Sabiti (1966 – 1974) c) Archbishop Janani Luwum (1974 – 1977). Martyred in 1977. d) Archbishop Silvanus Wani (1977 – 1983). In 1980, Rwanda, Burundi, and Boga-Zaire became a separate, Francophone Province, and Uganda became its own Province. e) Archbishop Yona Okoth (1983 – 1995) f) Archbishop Livingstone Mpalanyi-Nkoyoyo (1995 – 2004) g) Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi (2004 - 2012 ) The list of the 29 eligible bishops The Rt Rev D. Zac Niringiye - Assistant Bishop, Kampala Diocese The Rt Rev Michael Kyomya - Busoga Diocese The Rt Rev Dan Zoreka - Kinkiizi Diocese The Rt Rev Charles Odurkami - Lango Diocese The Rt Rev Stanley Ntagali - Masindi-Kitara Diocese The Rt Rev Cranmer Mugisha - Muhabura Diocese The Rt Rev Alphonse Watho-kudi - Nebbi Diocese The Rt Rev Patrick Tugume-Tusingwire - North Kigezi Diocese The Rt Rev Nicodemus Okille - Bukedi Diocese The Rt Rev Jackson Matovu - Central Buganda Diocese The Rt Rev Joseph Abura - Karamoja Diocese The Rt Rev Benjamin Ojwang – Kitgum Diocese The Rt Rev Evans Kisekka - Luweero Diocese The Rt Rev Patrick Gidudu - Mbale Diocese The Rt Rev William James Ssebaggala - Mukono Diocese The Rt Rev John Muhanguzi North - Ankole Diocese The Rt Rev Daniel Gimadu - North Mbale Diocese The Rt Rev Augustine Salimo - Sebei Diocese The Rt Rev Jackson Nzerebende - South Rwenzori Diocese The Rt Rev Nathan Kyamanywa - Bunyoro-Kitara Diocese The Rt Rev Edward Bamucwanira - East Ruwenzori Diocese The Rt Rev George Katwesigye - Kigezi Diocese The Rt Rev Thomas Edison Irigei - Kumi Diocese The Rt Rev Dr. Joel Obetia Madi-West Nile Diocese The Rt Rev James Nasak North Karamoja Diocese The Rt Rev Wilberforce Kityo Luwalira - Namirembe Diocese The Rt Rev Canon Johnson Gakumba - Northern Uganda Diocese The Rt Rev George Erwau - Soroti Diocese The Rt Rev Yona Katoneene - West Ankole Diocese

26 May 2012

Bristol Visit

Currently we are on a visit to Bristol Diocese.Already seen many things some positive while others negative. One which is of interest is a visit to Trinity Theological College where some of our Reverend studied. Bishop Allan Gideon Oboma, Rev John Olanya are among those who passed through this college. Now the college is transformed under the leadership of an Indian called George Kovoor. The college was almost being closed when he came in. George, we are told rejuvenated the college and right now they have so many students. Geroge said “The danger in some Theological Colleges is getting those who are already failure to teach and hiding under the big names” George is business as well as mission oriented and so the College is very lively. What can we do about Janani Luwum Theological College. May be we need another George Kovoor and tutors or teachers if you like- who are very successful and able to impart their knowledge and experience positively unto the clergy or those yet to become. This needs our prayers. Some of the Christian here have a heart for Janani Luwum Theological College.
The Uganda Fire –or called it the Uganda Youth Fellowship was amazing. They presented at the Deanery Event held at St. Mary Stoke Bishop and the church was full to capacity. Some Christians who came said “For the first time we have seen a bishop dancing in our Church” Bishop was given ten minutes and the power point presentation did the work perfectly well. Time was short so we had to reduce the slides from 100+ to just about 15 you could imagine. This was a real opportunity to tell the Christians here of what is going on in the Diocese. For some years now Christ Church Clifton has been supporting clergy for training in Uganda Christian University Mukono. We sincerely thank God for their prayer and financial support.

26 March 2012

New MU President Elected

From Left to Right , Outgoing MU President Mrs Doreen Omaya, Bishop Johnson Gakumba and the Newly elected MU President, Mrs. Christine Onyango The Diocese of Northern Uganda under the Mothers Union elected Mrs. Christine Onyango as the New President of the Mothers Union. The election was presided over by Bishop Johnson Gakumba at Anaka Archdeaconry in Nwoya District on Saturday 24th March 2012.Christine Onyango will serve in that capacity for a period of four years.
The State Minister for Northern Uganda Hon Atengo Omuge Rebecca was the chief Guest during the commissioning service on Sunday 25th March, 2012. The Minister applauded the Mothers Union for their remarkable role in strengthening families and helping their fellow women who have met with adversities. She donated 500,000 to support the Mothers Union activities; the minister also donated 1million towards the church building of St. Andrews Anaka. The Outgoing President of the Mothers Union Mrs. Doreen Omaya thanked the Mothers Union members for standing with her during her tenure of office. She asked the Mothers Union to work hand in hand with the New Presidents. Doreen also said she will continue to serve the church and stand by the new Presidents to continue uplifting the ministry of the Mothers Union. The Bishop of the Diocese Johnson Gakumba challenged the Mothers Union and girls to learn from Mary the Mother of Jesus, Mary was a humble lady and not popularly but she was picked by God to become the Mother of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. The Bishop said that God can pick anyone from anywhere to glorify him.
The function on Sunday marked the annunciation by Angel Gabriel to Mary that she would give birth to a baby boy and his name to be called Jesus. Mothers Union worldwide celebrated this day by carrying out many activities, this year they had music competition, Bible citation, cooking and Drama among many. St. Philips Cathedral emerged the winner in this year's competition, while Christ Church and Anaka came second. 14 Parishes out of 24 participated in the competition. Students of Women Development Centre (WDC) also participated in the event. One of the former students of WDC, Grace Anek gave a moving testimony of how WDC helped her to stand on her own.
Mrs. Doreen Omaya the outgoing Mothers Union President
A New face for the Young people in Northern Uganda
Mr. Opio Samuel, his Wife Lydia and their two sons. For long the Diocese of Northern Uganda did not have a youth worker. But thank God, for the arrival of Mr. Opio Francis Samuel. Samuel was received to the Diocese by the bishop of the Diocese of Northern Uganda in February 2012 together with youth leaders of St. Philips Cathedral. We thank God that Samuel and the entire family is now settling in a well renovated house within the Diocesan Headquarters. Samuel is married to Lydia and God has given them two children. Before coming to the Diocese of Northern Uganda Opio was working with Campus Crusade for Christ International (In Uganda, known as LIFE Ministry Uganda). He holds Bachelor of Education, Business Studies; Accounting Option; Kyambogo University.
Post Graduate Diploma in Management (Waiting to complete research in order to graduate with a Masters in Management Studies from Uganda Management Institute; UMI). Special thanks to St. Peter Henleaze for the funds that has helped to renovate the building. We appeal to well wishers to support the ministry to young people in our Diocese. We are trying to rebuild our lives after the devastation due to the Kony war in Northern Uganda. Samuel Opiyo can be reached on: Contact: +256772584207, +256711584207 E-mail: sfopio@yahoo.co.uk and sam.sfopio@gmail.com
Bishop Johnson is taking Mr. Opio Samuel and his wife for a tour of their house in Mican.

05 March 2012

Gulu remembers Archbishop Luwum

By Dennis Ojwee and Rev. Willy Akena
Hundred of Christians on 16th February thronged St. Janani Luwum Anglican Church in Layibi Central, Gulu Municipality to attend commemoration prayers for Archbishop Janani Luwum. Luwum, who was the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Boga-Zaire, was brutally murdered by former President Idi Amin on February 16th, 1977. Luwum was reportedly arrested and killed together with ministers Charles Oboth Ofumbi and Erinayo Oryema after a rally in Kampala over allegations of criticizing Amin’s government. Speaking during the occasion, the retired Anglican Bishop of Northern Uganda Diocese, Allan Gideon Oboma, urged Christians to stand firm in their faith as Luwum did. He urged the government to make St. Janani Luwum day a national prayer day.
Oboma also said Luwum should be included on the list of Uganda Martyrs, who are remembered nationally and internationally. Anania Akera 99, a resident of Gulu, said Luwum died for truth and justice. He donated sh 1 million towards the construction of a modern church at Laliya in Gulu Municipality named St. Janani Luwum.
The Bishop of northern Uganda, Johnson Gakumba praised Luwum for drafting the first 10 –year’s development plan for the church when he was enthroned the third Archbishop of the Province of the Church of Uganda in 1974. He urged Christians to heed to their faith as soldiers of Christ saying their faith will help them overcome challenges. He appealed to Christians to put up a befitting Church in memory of Archbishop Janani Luwum. The bishop said if one person can put up a storied building how can the Christians together fail to put up a church building. Bishop Johnson urged Christian to read the book about Archbishop Luwum written by his secretary Margaret Ford titled Janani the making of a Martyr. He also said another publication of that Book is soon coming out and it will have a chapter that talks about how the life of Janani Luwum speaks to us today.
In another related development the Principal of Archbishop Janani Luwum Theological College Rev. Wilson Atine said, there are seven important things that happened to Archbishop Janani Luwum that are worth remembering and these are:- Luwum was the third Bishop of the Diocese of Northern Uganda, secondly he was the third Archbishop of the Province of Church of Uganda Rwanda and Boga Zaire, thirdly Luwum was killed with two others (three people killed), fourthly there were three wounds on Luwum’s body (mouth, chest and stomach), fifthly Luwum body was taken to three different places before burial(Namirembe, Madi Opei and finally Mucwini) Sixth Luwum was buried in the third grave , and Seventh, three things were missing on Luwum’s body (the Cross, ring and the attire).
Bishop Johnson quoted Janani Luwm words about educated people “Many educated people have run away from the church, they want the church to fall. But today I say, if the church if falling let it fall on me.” This was at All Saints cathedra Kitgum. Bishop Johnson said the church will never fall, instead many of the Christians, clergy or lay readers will fall but the church will remain strong. He challenged the educated people to come back to church and support it growth. During the prayer a total of over 10 million shillings was raised in pledges and cash for the construction of the Church at layibi.

05 February 2012

All joy at the Uganda Prison Gulu

Bishop Johnson Gakumba took his time to be with the inmates of Gulu Government Prision as the year 2010 came to a close. Many activities took place among them were the baptism and confrimation, Holy communion, netball and football. Rev.Willy brings you a photo exhibition of the events that day. Finally the Bishop's cup was handed over to the winning team

From School drop out to role model

Anek Grace was born in Nwoya District to a Christian family. She started school very well and when she was in Primary Six in Purongo Primary School the rebels of the Lords’ Resistance Army abducted her. She stayed with them for two weeks and by God’s grace went back home where she sat for her Primary Leaving Examination (PLE) but because of the war she did not even see here results. They were then displaced from Purongo to Anaka more than twenty kilometers from their original village. Life in Anaka became difficult and she had to start selling food staff and charcoal in the market. In the middle of all these Grace got a boy friend and eloped with him, because she could not produce a child, the boy friend lost interest in having her as a wife. She come back home, continued with doing small business with little capital. Life in the squalid camp became extremely complicated, uprooted from home and not able to get food from their garden. When News came to Anaka that Women Development Centre needs girls who have not had opportunityty to go for further studies to join WDC in order to be given life skills training, Grace was selected and she successfully completed her training at the WDC in 2009. She was given a sewing machine but no capital to kick start, however, with her skills in small business Grace was able to start sewing clothes in Anaka Town Council together with her friends who also completed their training at the WDC like Aweko Catherine, Ajok Filder, Ajok Jakline, and Akello Grace, they first rented a room in the centre but because of few customers and lack of material the other members decided to try some where else like in the market and verandah of shops. In addition to sewing clothes Grace has open a small hotel in Anaka Town Council known as ANAKA FAMILY HOTEL , when asked why she named her hotel FAMILY she said she wants to be like a mother to all and that all those who come to her hotel should feel at home.
Anek Grace a former head girl and WDC share light movement with Lucy Apiyo the Principal WDC on 6th January 2012 in Anaka Grace also told me that both of her parents are alive but very weak, her father got an accident and has serious problem with the hip bone and unable to walk, he scrawl. He mother has Asthma. Although her business is not doing very well but Grace told me that she was able to save over 400,000 (four hundred thousand shillings) and that she bought a piece of land with intention of investing in it in future.
Adong Grace one of the students who completed in 2010 displayed her own made headgear (head dress) which has earned her some money during the last Christmas at Lakwana. Pix 3rd Jan 2012 Grace also told me that she is currently single and has no child and that she underwent an operation inorder to get a child but she has not got yet. She also told me that she fears having affairs with men who seems not trusted. She said her sister who followed her called Akello Christine committed suicide because of marital problems. The late Christine died because here husband divorced here with three children and life was unbearable. Grace is very optimistic that given more training or refresher courses and facilitation she could be a very successful woman and be able to support here self and others as well. Her experience as the head girl taught here many things and she is able to organize her friends to do a meaningful work.
Vicky Okwera a mother of Two in Lalogi says she is able to support her children because of the training that she got from WDC. Pix 4th Jan 2012