25 April 2014

Easter Celebrations mixed with sorrow

Few days to Easter, I took Alumni of Women Development Centre who have formed a group at Bungatira for an exchange programme to Awach. We visited Awach Catholic mission, met Sister Agness and toured the Church, we then proceeded to Awach Health Centre and prayed with patients. We then came to Awach Sub-county and found fourteen women camped waiting to see one of their son was was arrested by the police from their local village. The boy just about 14 years was allegedly found with a panga purported to be for self defence. The police had gone to get some more men from the same village of Latwong. When these men were brought, they were all packed in a small room and after some discussions, the police decided to take a few of the men to Awach Police Station, the process of getting this few men became rowdy and chaotic. The women started crying and fighting the police. After some minutes, the police fired life bullets in the air and tear-gas,, we all ran for our dear life.  Pray that women be empowered to stand up for their rights and be able to lobby and advocate for their rights.

On Easter day we had a wonderful service in the Cathedral with Bishop Johnson confirming 79 candidates, majority from Sacred Heart Girls school.