26 August 2016

The Long awaited baby is now delivered

Rev. Lumumba Patrick -The Diocesan Secretary, officiated in the handing over of graduation kits to 40 tailoring graduates and 25 Hairdressing graduates of Women Development Centre on 26th August 2016. Rev. Patrick narrated the story of a man who ran to him telling that his wife was in labour and needed money to pay the hospital bill. After taking the women to the hospital, the labour pains disappeared and the women went home without delivering the baby. After some weeks at home, she started experiencing labour pains again and this time round the husband came and said “this time it is real…she even left home without some of the important things she needed to take to the hospital with her”.
This story is similar to what happened with our students of 2015. They were supposed to get their graduation kits on their graduation day which took place on 23rd April 2016, but the items were not ready until 25th August 2016…like the pregnant woman…our students had been waiting for the real baby to be born…they day they would receive their graduation kits. That man and woman were happy that the long awaited baby had finally arrive. Equally our students are happy that they now have the equipment they need to begin using the skills they learned as students.
Each student was presented with a start-up kit containing either a brand new sewing machines machine for tailoring or items for the hairdressing students to start a salon including a mirror, two plastic chairs, shampoo, etc. We very much hope these girls and young women will be able to start up a small business that can support them and their children.
Some of them could not hide their joy! Acaa Irene Acire had this to say, “Now I have hope of supporting myself and my children, I will no longer be a beggar ….”
We at the Women’s Development Centre extend our deepest appreciation to Rev. Elizabeth Bumpas for working hard to raise more than 10 million shillings through selling bags made from the Production Unit of the centre to friends and well-wishers in the USA and other countries.  We are also grateful to another donor named Elsebeth Hojgaard and her team in Denmark for raising at least 7.1 million shillings towards the graduation kits.  Our friends in Denmark have been supporting us since 2009. Pray with us for the 63 current students who will complete their training in November of this year.  Their graduation will take place in April 2017. They also need the start- up kits in order to be able to put into practice the skills they are acquiring.
The Diocesan Secretary Rev. Patrick Lumumba, who officiated in the handing over, appealed to the graduates to make proper use of the tools given to them and not to be lazy. He advised the hairdressing students to use their equipment in the operation of their business and not keep it for their personal benefit.  “Do not leave the mirror in your house for you to look at yourself and your husband…use it for what it is meant to be used for…making money with which to support the family, buy food and paying school fees of children.”   Rev. Lumumba said.