Planning & Development

The Planning and Development arm of the DNU identifies and evaluates possibilities for new ministry, creates a strategy and then carries out the project. A few projects currently being overseen by P&D include:

  • Ajula De Rwot, funded by USAID – Equips villages with health kits, holds adult literacy classes, and provides training on Village Savings and Loan Associations (VSLAs), nutrition and farming techniques.
  • Saving and Internal Lending in the Community (SILC), funded by CRS Uganda - Encourages a culture of saving and loaning amongst villagers. Currently SILC has 49 groups with total saving of Ug. Shs. 4,241,000 ($2,000 USD).
  • Rocokwo Program, funded by Care International in Uganda – Holds livelihood seminars on the topics of agriculture, saving and loan associations, peace-building, and Sexual and Gender-Based Violence (SGBV).
  • SGBV, funded by Care International in Uganda – Provides psycho-social support services, counseling, training, and drama presentations in the sub-counties to minimize the level of sexual gender-based violence in the community.
  • Okwey Project, funded by Trust Fund ICC – Seeks to help wounded survivors by providing scholarships, healing of memory seminars, and making referrals to physicians. Currently, 100 people benefit from this project.
  • Capacity-Building for Archdeconaries, funded by CRWRC – Trains, encourages and funds mission projects that arise from churches within the Diocese, so that local churches are equipped to take on their own projects.
  • Agroforestry, funded by PDR – Provides training to farmers in agro-forestry.
  • Cathedral Construction, funded by the Diocese and friends – Construction has begun on a new cathedral located near the Bishop’s quarters on the diocese.
  • Tractor Service – Rents a tractor to farmers in the community. Currently, the tractor is in need of an overhaul before it can begin service.

Planning and Development is headed by Oballin James