29 November 2022

Celebrating 118 Years since the Good News landed in Acoli at Musalaba-Keyo

 On 26th November the Diocese of Northern Uganda celebrated 118 years since the Church Missionary Society arrived on Keyo hill now known as MUSALABA. Bishop Godfrey Loum was the main celebrant and he confirmed 228 Christians from different parishes and schools. Two couples were wedded and the Bishop prayed for many children who are now back home for third term holiday. Many also confessed Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

The Bishop appealed to Christians to preach the Gospel and live exemplary life just like those who brought the gospel did. 

In a related development, the Diocesan Secretary Rev. Kenneth Oyet P Oola announced transfers and appointments to take effect from 1st January 2023 as follows:

Diocese of Northern Uganda Clergy Transfers and Placements as on 26th Nov 2022 from Musalaba Keyo.

1. Rev Can. Wilson Akuta

(Archdeacon Anaka Archdeaconry/Parish priest Anaka)

2. Rev Can. Richard Odyek

(Archdeacon Omoro Archdeaconry/ Parish priest Bobi)

3. Rev Komakech Komagum Charles (Archdeacon Ajulu)

4. Rev Nyeko Robert Luku (Parish priest Koro)

5. Rev Onen Charles (Parish priest Oberabic)

6. Rev Nekoline Lakalker Faith
(Curate Anaka Parish)

7. Rev Komagum Geoffrey
(Parish priest Nyapeya)

8. Rev Pamela Lukwiya Obur
(Chaplain UMI/ Assistant chaplain Gulu University)

9. Rev Ewicho Richard (Parish Priest Abura)

10. Rev Anywar Michael (Archdeacon Aswa/ Parish Priest Awach)

11. Rev Ocen James (Parish priest Lalogi)

12. Rev Acaa Hilder Gladys (Curate Bobi)

13. Rev Cissy Joan Akello
(Chaplain/ Curate Nwoya parish)

14. Rev Charles Okello (Parish Priest Pakwello)

15. Rev Kibwota Samuel (Chaplain Gullu Core PTC)

16. Rev Okwerojok Charles  
(Parish priest LelaObaro)

17. Rev Okello David  (Curate LelaObaro based in Palenga)

18. Rev Sammy Omaya (Curate Pakwelo based in Pageya)

19. Rev Oryem Richard (Parish priest Agung)

20. Ord. Odiya Dickson --- (Curate St. Philip's Cathedral in charge of St. Catherine Lacor)

21. Rev James Olara (Archdeacon Keyo/ parish priest keyo)

22. Rev Welsy Acan (Curate  Bungatira parish)

23. Rev Olango Sunday (Parish Priest Olwal)

24. Rev Oyet Peter  (Parish Priest Ajulu)

25. Rev Ocaka Matthew (Chaplain Gulu School of Nursing Koro)

Matthew 28:18‭-‬20  
Jesus drew near and said to them, “I have been given all authority in heaven and on earth.

Go, then, to all peoples everywhere
make them my disciples: baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and teach them to obey everything I have commanded you. And I will be with you always, to the end of the age.”


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