27 February 2008

Bishop Nelson given send off

Mwaka George of Radio Mega hands over the gift to Bishop Nelson and Brenda Onono. Photo by Rev.Willy Akena

Bishop Nelson given send off

The displaced Christian of Nwoya Parish on Sunday February 24, 2008 gave Bishop Nelson a good send off gift of one cow at the cost of 300,000 and two sacks of groundnuts.

Nwoya is the third parish that Bishop Nelson has already visited on his diocese wide tour, the other being Bungatira his home village, where he received 260,000, a goat and one sack of groundnuts and Patiko Ajulu gave him one cow.

In his message the Bishop called upon the Christian to grow; physically, spiritually, socially and economically. Quoting from the Gospel of Luke 2: 52, “And Jesus grew in wisdom, and stature, and in favour with God and men.”

The Bishop called upon the people to leave the camps now and go back to their villages in order to farm the land and therefore come out of poverty.
On the LRA war the bishop said the war is over and that people should no longer have fear of LRA coming back to perturb them.

On the land issue the Bishop said, people should not be hot and bothered about the land being taken over by Madhvani but instead descend to work.

He also called upon the people to go back to where they came from before the camp life so as to minimize the land conflict that is so rampant.

08 February 2008

West Ankole Women electrify Gulu.

At least 51 members of the Mothers’ Union from the Diocese of West Ankole are in the diocese of Northern Uganda for a four days solidarity visit. The team is led by the Wife of the Bishop of West Ankole Mrs. Ellyvaida Nshemeire Katonene. The team was welcomed by excited members of the Mothers Union from the Diocese of Northern Uganda and Bishop Nelson Onono-Onweng.

The team is expected to visit camps of the Displaced People in Northern Uganda and have time to pray with their counterpart in various churches on Sunday before they travel back on Monday.

In her message to the women in Northern Uganda, the Mothers Union President of West Ankole Mrs. Ellyvaida said, “I want to encourage them to work as one body and if they are together they will forget the past and look for the future. God is with them.”

The team brought a number of items that includes more than 10 sacks of old clothes, millet and maize flour.

The situation in Gulu at the moment is of relative peace due to the ongoing peace talk in Juba and a good number of the displaced persons are leaving the camps for their original villages after 21 years. The need to resettle them is huge, we appeal to well-wishers to come in and give a helping hand.