29 September 2013

Many are Baptised, Confirmed but disapear Said Bishop

Some of the students of WDC confirmed by Bishop Johnson
Sunday 29 September Bishop Johnson Gakumba confirmed 51 Candidates at Bungatira Church of Uganda. Among those confirmed included 13 students of Women Development Centre. While speaking to them the Bishop Said " We have Baptised and Confirmed so many, but after sometime you do not find them in the Church"  He then appealed to the newly confirmed to play their roles of  being: Choir, preachers, teachers,
ushers, cleaners, and any other responsibility that may be assigned to them.
Rev. Sandra Earixson  participated in the service
During the function the Bishop also urged Christian to complete the church building which has been there for close to 10 years. He challenged the Christian to finished the church within one year. Many Christians came forward pledging to support the completion of the church.  The local leaders appealed to the parents to allow the girl child to stay in School. They noted with sadness that so many young girls leave school and elope, subsequently becoming child mothers.
On Saturday 28th September I had time with orphans who are at the Fathers House in St.Philips Cathedral Gulu. The centre came as a result of
Rev.Willy Akena in a group photo with children at the Fathers House
local initiative and support from Global Orphan. During my visit, I found 33 children under the care of mothers. The children welcome me very well, some of them were taking bath after working together with the mothers in harvesting beans which they planted in their garden at the Diocesan Farm.  These children needs your prayers and support inorder for them to grow into mature responsible citizens of the country.

27 September 2013

Ordination of Priests and Deacons

Many things went on in the Diocese of Northern Uganda, the Diocese ordained six deacons and priested two clergy. The Deacons are: Acaye Godfrey, Alanyo Jackline, Opio Godfrey, Olara Collins Oyo, Sandra Earixson, and Nyek Siomon Peter. While the Deacons who where priested are: Emmily Wilson and Nyeko Robert Luku.
We also hosted the retired Bishop of Northern Uganda Rt Rev. Dr. Benoni Ogwal Obwang the mission of the Bishop was Peace and Reconciliation. Many people where able to reconcile with one another. More to come Pray also for the Diocesan Secretary who is due to retire in December. Very exciting activities at the Women Development Centre -details coming shortly