19 July 2014

South Korea in Koro

We thank our friends from South Korea for the mission work they are undertaking here in DNU. They have just spent a week with us. Last year in 2013, a woman named Akanyocan Sharon was taken to South Korea for an operation which was successful. The team had time to visit Sharon in the village of Olony in Anaka, Nwoya District. They also visited Gulu University, Pakwelo Parish and Koro church. In Koro, they supported putting glass in the windows of the church building, and conducted series of activities with Christians of Koro.

05 July 2014

From Graduation to the Village

 One unique thing with the Women Development Centre is the visit to the former Students (Alumni) in their respective communities. This week we visited at least four groups located in Nwoya, Bungatira, Awere and Lalogi. The journey has not been all that easy, some places have no roads and we had to drive in the bush- literally with a guide on a motorcycle tying to point out black sports with trees stems that may cause puncture of the tire.  From our visit, it is clear that Women are a big driving force in community transformation, how I wish we had enough resources to continue empowering these women groups. Now that DUFA is weaning WDC by the end of this month, we appeal to like minded organization to consider working with us. We need support in a number of areas; including fuel for movement, maintenance cost for the school van and facilitation to the staff as they teach at the centre, and move out to the communities, and airtime for internet among others. Some of our former students certainly remain in town and small centres, but some go up to remote places without electricity, no clean water, no roads …….
According to the women in the communities they need support in the areas of capital for starting and maintaining business, agricultural support, land right, developing their constitution and many others.