27 December 2015

Supervision of Janani Luwum Students in Lakwana and Awoo Parishes

Michael Akena my son learning how to play adungu
The vestry-in front of the Headteacher.s office
Changing after the service
Concluded supervision of the four students of Archbishop Janani Luwum assigned to me. Today met Ocen James at Lakwana parish under Rev. Lucy Auma, and then Ogweng Richard at Awoo Parish under Rev. Komakech Alfred. They have all contributed positively in many areas. Lakwana had average church attendance of 75 christians before James went there and now they have average of 140 Christians, Sunday offertory still remains very low, the first month at Lakwana the collection was 28, 400 (0ctober), 39, 600 (November) and this December the total monthly Sunday offertory is 46,950, Uganda shillings. on Christmas the collection was 8,300 and today they collected just 10,800 Uganda shillings. They gave envelopes to Christians for them to put their Christmas gifts and they are yet to receive them back. James left their home in Awere and came to Lakwana together with his wife and three of their children. Today he was given farewell gifts which included, simsim, beans, potatoes, .... Honestly we still have a lot of work to do inorder for the church to be self supporting, self propagating and self governing. In Awoo, I met Richard who has also camped here for three months and concluding in three days. The Church in Awoo is now at roofing stage with mainly local contributions, one of their Christian based in Kampala, came for the Christmas celebration, today donated 1 million for buying Iron sheets for the Church, while Lakwana is still at window level. I get puzzle when it come to the welfare of these men and women who have devoted their lives to serve God, leaving their land, families, surely they are called by God. Both Awoo and Lakwana are praying in classrooms and in Lakwana the vestry was in front of the Head-teacher's office. My Son Michael Akena joined the Adungu Choir at Lakwana and was eager to learn how to play the adungu.
Three months Sunday registry Lakwana parish

Christians giving gifts to Ocen James and his wife

A photo with the Ocens family

Lakwan church at window level

Awoo now at almost roofing stage

26 December 2015

Money can buy a bed , food but not sleep or appetite

Vicar, Rev Godfrey and the Blind Boy
Christ Church
Christmas prayers at Christ Church and St.Philips Cathedral, Bishop Johnson urged Christians to have peace with God inorder to enjoy the Christmas celebration. He said " Money will buy a bed but not sleep; food but not appetite; a passport to everywhere but heaven" Just revisit your Christmas and see if this applies to you,,,, for those who slept well, had good appetite, might have invited Jesus as the Unseen Guest in their celebrations. One blind boy at Christ Church impressed me, he read the bible using Braille, Best wishes to you all and Happy New Year 2016.

Bishop Johnson

Confirmation at Christ Church

After the service with the confirmants

Holy Communion

Six years of Episcopal Ministry in the Diocese

Meeting Rwodi before Baptism
Celebrated six years of Bishop Johnson episcopal ministry in the Diocese on 20th Dec 2015 with baptism of traditional Chiefs from Koch and many more Christians. By the way the Acholi Traditional leader Rwot Awic was the one who invited missionaries to come to Northern Uganda before 1904. Rwot Oyat was baptized Solomon. The bishop gave a Bible and Prayer book to Solomon. Thereafter a small fundraising was conducted and money as well as pledges were raised for fitting all the glasses of the Church.

Rwot Oyat being Baptised Solomon at the age of 64

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