26 May 2012

Bristol Visit

Currently we are on a visit to Bristol Diocese.Already seen many things some positive while others negative. One which is of interest is a visit to Trinity Theological College where some of our Reverend studied. Bishop Allan Gideon Oboma, Rev John Olanya are among those who passed through this college. Now the college is transformed under the leadership of an Indian called George Kovoor. The college was almost being closed when he came in. George, we are told rejuvenated the college and right now they have so many students. Geroge said “The danger in some Theological Colleges is getting those who are already failure to teach and hiding under the big names” George is business as well as mission oriented and so the College is very lively. What can we do about Janani Luwum Theological College. May be we need another George Kovoor and tutors or teachers if you like- who are very successful and able to impart their knowledge and experience positively unto the clergy or those yet to become. This needs our prayers. Some of the Christian here have a heart for Janani Luwum Theological College.
The Uganda Fire –or called it the Uganda Youth Fellowship was amazing. They presented at the Deanery Event held at St. Mary Stoke Bishop and the church was full to capacity. Some Christians who came said “For the first time we have seen a bishop dancing in our Church” Bishop was given ten minutes and the power point presentation did the work perfectly well. Time was short so we had to reduce the slides from 100+ to just about 15 you could imagine. This was a real opportunity to tell the Christians here of what is going on in the Diocese. For some years now Christ Church Clifton has been supporting clergy for training in Uganda Christian University Mukono. We sincerely thank God for their prayer and financial support.