19 October 2014

Gulu celebrates 100 years

A big celebration in Gulu as the first Secondary School for both boys and girls celebrated 100 year of her existence. The Presidents of Uganda Yoweri Kaguta Museveni gave cash contributions of 30 million towards the centenary project. The Deputy Speaker of Parliament Hon. Jacob Oulanyah represented the president during the function. Gulu High School was established in 1914, it grew from a small school with few students to the current enrollment of 1000 students. GHS has produced many men and women of high standing in the world. Dr. Apollo Milton Obote (RIP), Dr. Olara Otunu, Professor Odonga, Professor Okot B' Bitek (RIP), Professor Nyeko Pen Mogi,, Dr. Martin Aliker, Hon. Odonga Otto, Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi,  Saint Archbishop Janani Luwum, Bishop Nelson Onono Onweng, Bishop Gideon Allan Oboma, Mego Labeka Auma Okwong the list is endless. Someone said “As we look towards the future, of GHS we must never forget the Almighty God in whose hands the school rests. In a corrupt world, let the motto of the School BE HONEST, motivates us in all that we do".
Bishop Johnson Gakumba who has been the brain behind this celebration said " In her journey through 100 years, GHS experienced many exciting and challenging times.....the key lesson we draw from the testimony of the 100 years of GHS is that challenges , if well managed help institution grow stronger, bigger and better"
Bishop Benoni said “Gulu High School has played its role powerfully in the life of the Nation and still has chances for to do more.” He also thanked Bishop Johnson for this wonderful celebration.” Bishop Benoni prayed for God’s blessing to all present students to stand tall on the shoulders of those who went before them.