31 October 2007


Bishop Nelson meeting LRA in the jungle of Atiak, close to the border with Sudan last year. Now plan is underway to meet in Gulu this weekend DNU file photo

As we come to the end of the month, news of the presence of LRA delegation has been greeted with lots of enthusiasm. According to Adek Yusuf who called himself an LRA who lives within the community, the delegation will hold a consultation conference in Gulu at Hotel Pearl Afrique on Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th November. From the LRA the following will participate:-Adek Yusuf Okwonga, Okot Santa, Martin Ojul (chairman), Ayina Odongo(lawyer), Obita Matshanga and Peter Ongom. The following have also been invited from Gulu, Pader, Kitgum and Amuru;-Government leaders, Religious leaders, Local Council, Elders/Opinion leaders, Camp leaders, Youth/male and female,
Victims, Resident District Commissioner (RDC), and Civil Society for Peace/NGOs working in Northern Uganda. Monitoring Team from Tanzania, Zambia, South Africa, DRC Congo, Sudan and Uganda will also participate as well as observers. The main purpose of the consultation is to get people’s views on Agenda number three that is Reconciliation and Accountability. Adek refuted media reports of conflict within the LRA leadership, instead he said LRA camp has been attacked by cholera and that Oti Vincent is one of the 70 or so LRA who were severely affected, Adek comforted the community that Oti is recovering and soon may speak on Radio Mega or other media.

24 October 2007


Bwola dancers celebrate the construction of the Health Centre that will help about 17,000 people who have been leaving without health services Photo by Rev.Willy Akena

A 50 Million Health Centre was commissioned by Mr. Michael Nyenhif the President of Medical Assistance Programme (MAP) the health centre II is located at Oberabic in Acwera Parish in Amuru district. Bishop Nelson who shared his experience of traveling to this remote area in 2005 and found no health services prompting him to lobby for one. The Bishop further said, Together we can change the world to be a better place to live in, “together we can make a difference” The President of MAP international expressed his appreciation to the Diocese of Northern Uganda, the Government official as well as the community for their support in realizing the dream of a health centre. The Assistant Chief Administrative Assistant of Amuru District Mr. Oloya Awaro appealed to the man who donated the land on which the health centre is now built to honour his donation. Mr Oloya appealed to other community members to emulate the young man in giving land for development. Most of the speakers called upon the community of Acwera to own the health centre and guard it jealously
The Amuru District Director of Health Services pledged that the local government will also support the health centre. Malaria is the most common killer disease in this area and we appeal for provision of bed nets, drugs and help to repair and renovate other health centres

04 October 2007

A Caring Church

Bishop Nelson Onono-Onweng explains his point to Helen. Photo by Rev.Willy Akena

Helen Stawski International Development Programme Officer - Lambeth Palace is here in the Diocese of northern Uganda together with Vat Kmachiko from World Vision East Africa Peace Building Unit. The two will carry out intensive research on peace building initiative of the church. Bishop Nelson who was interviewed by Helen doubts the caring ministry of the World Wide Anglican Church. He said “For twenty years the church in northern Uganda has been bleeding but I have not seen serious response from the communion”.
While giving update on the situation, Bishop Nelson said for one year now people are enjoying peace. The Bishop commended President Museveni for accepting to talk peace with Joseph Kony.
In order for the Anglican Church to be a caring Church the Bishops proposed having a global NGO or commissions in the areas of Relief and Development, Education, HIV/AIDS and Peace if it’s to become a caring church that can respond to situation of needs
We welcome Helen and hope the result of her work will bring hope to the people who are now in the process of returning home from the camps. Pray also for the floods that has severely affected movement as well as crops in the Northern Uganda.