23 November 2012

Women Development Centre

The Women Development Centre started in the 1980's and since then it has trained over 300 women in tailoring, secretarial, hairdressing as well as functional adult literacy. With support from Danish Uganda Friendship Association the centre has give out over 120 sewing machines to former students. Some of the Alumni have made proper use of the sewing machine and now able to support themselves
as well as others. One success story is of Akello Scovia K who completed from the WDC in 2009. This year she was able to get 2.6 million Uganda shilling from making school uniforms for Awoo Primary School in Omoro County, Gulu District. Scovia is now able to pay her two children in school with money from her tailoring.

108 years as new creation

On Monday 26th November 2012 all road in Northern Uganda will lead to Keyo Musalaba for a celebration of 108 years since the first CMS missionaries arrived in Acholiland. Last year we had mass wedding as well are ordination of deacons and priest. This year we expect to have some candidates confirmed. Stay tune for more stories.