19 August 2009

Bishop Elect arrives in Gulu

Bishop Nelson Onono-Onweng whispering to the Bishop Elect Canon Johnson Gakumba during the informal service at Christ Church in Gulu

The Bishop Elect Rev. Canon Johnson Gakumba on arrival in Koro about 8 Kilometers from Gulu Town
usiness in Gulu town came to a stand still on Saturday 15, August 2009 as the Bishop Elect Rev. Canon Johnson Gakumba arrived in the town. A convoy of about 40 vehicles paralyzed the town, with brass band leading the procession into Gulu town. Jubilant crowd escorted the Bishop Elect along the Kampala- Gulu Highway. The over 8 Kilometers welcome was one of the unique events in the history of this town that had known only war for the past years. Thank God the prevailing peace has given people opportunity to regain their lost glory. The Acholi are well known for their cultural dances and making sweet ululations. While speaking to a mammoth congregation that assembled at St. Philips Cathedral on Sunday 16, August 2009, the Rev. Canon Johnson said he had lots of reservation in sending his curriculum vitae, until the Diocesan Secretary asked him if he wanted to be like Jonah in the Bible who wanted to run away from the mission placement to Nineveh.
Congratulatory Messages: On behalf of the clergy, the Diocesan Staff, Christians in the Diocese of Northern Uganda and on my own behalf, I congratulate you for your successful election of being the 7th Bishop of the Diocese of Northern Uganda. Seven is a perfect number according to Jews and your ministry to the people will be a perfect one. Please be strong and of good courage (read Joshua 1:6-7) May God help you as you take up the new task assigned to you by our Almighty God. Yours sincerely in the Lord's service

Rev. Canon Ayela Okot O.L

Mothers Union:-Pwoc ma oa ki bot dul pa Mothers Union me Diocese. Bishop ma kiyero manyen, Rev. Canon Johnson Gakumba. Ma ka wang mon me Mothers Union me Kineno man, mukwongo wacwalo pwocwa bot Lubanga muketo polo ki lobo pi tic me aura ma en otiyo pi kineno man me yero in me bedo laneno manyen. Pwoc madit wacwalo boti Rev.Canon Johnson, pi ye lwongo ma Lubanga olwongi iye. Ladit, Lubanga aye ma ocimo in me bedo ma latic pi kineno man. I dongo I Gulu i cako kwan me tic pa Lubanga nio ka idoko ladit kanica. Amiti ami caden I komi, In lakwat maber ma to pi romi mere. I kare ma piny rac I lobo me Acholi in pe iloko ngeyi me ngwec, iye me too I kin romi meri, man onyuto mar, tek cwiny ki diyo cwiny pi lwaki ma I kineno man. Kwiri ni waneno I tic ma itiyo I Kitgum ki Christ Church. Lubanga pe cimo dano ata, ongiyo in matut ci omiyo owok ki bot jo ma gin gubolo nyingi, wapwoyo jo ducu me nomination committee, kacel ki ot pa luneno. Walego Lubanga me gwoki, medo ryeko, ki onyo gum I komi I kare me keti I kom. Deyo obed bot Lubanga. Amen. Vice President Mothers Union. Mrs Mary Ocan.
On my behalf and my family, on behalf of the assistant Vicars, Catechist, Church wardens/side women, parish council, mothers Union, youth, Sunday school teachers and the entire congregation of St. Philips Cathedral, I would like to sincerely congratulate you for being elected the 7th Bishop of this diocese. We welcome you and your family all heartedly. We pray to the Almighty God to protect, keep you and provide you wisdom to lead his people as Joshua did. God is with you. Be determine and courageous (Joshua 1:1-9). Vicar St. Philips Cathedral Rev. James Okoyo.
Dear Bishop Elect,
It was on Saturday August 8, 2009 when the House of Bishops of the Church of Uganda elected you to be the seventh Bishop in succession in the Diocese of Northern Uganda.
On behalf of my family, the clergy, the laity, the entire Diocese and my own behalf, I heartedly congratulate you for being called as the chief shepherd.
I trust God the Father of Jesus Christ who by His grace and mercy has called you into church leadership in an area which has a history of revolt against the Government and has been a place of long rebellion will not leave you alone.
It is now approximately 20 years when the people began to return from exile. Your task is to restore the faith and prosperity of the people. The God of compassion will rescue the people from both political and spiritual oppression (Isaiah 14:1-2) and their restoration is like a new Exodus (43: 2, 16-19; 52:10-12)
Therefore the theme of “Highway" for the return of exiles is to be prominent in your leadership (Isaiah 40:3).
Now move on forward with the people like a school of fish in the name of the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen

Yours in His service,
Rt. Rev. Nelson Onono-Onweng
Message from the Bishop’s Elect. Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ Thank you for the very ENCOURAGING message from you and the Clergy of DNU .I personally felt am not the best candidate God always uses the weak to a shame the strong. Since it is God who has called me out of the many to be an overseer I want to assure all the clergy and the Christians who still doubt that the Lord who has called us as family, is able and faithful and he will accomplish His mission through us .Our God does not make mistakes. I see myself as a team leader and servant not a LORD.
It is my prayer that the Lord will give us spirit of unity and love. The Bible says in 1 John 4:20 that "if any says he loves God, yet he hates his brother, he is a lier..." we can’t preach love which we don’t practice. As the chief shepherd my desire is that we shall be one. No one should feel excluded in Gods house .There is room in my father’s house.
Yes the tasks ahead are challenging but together working as team we can.
May God bless you and my love to all.
I look forward to coming home soon.
Yours in the Love of Christ

09 August 2009

Northern Uganda gets new Bishop

The house of bishop elected the Rev. Canon Johnson Gakumba as the new bishop of the diocese of northern Uganda replacing Bishop Nelson Onono-Onweng. The consecration and enthronement is set for December 20th 2009 at St. Philips Cathedral Gulu. Rev. Canon Johnson was a Vicar at Bugolobi church of Uganda in Kampala until his election.
Congratulations Canon Johnson

Rev. Willy Akena