19 January 2018

Visiting Alumni of Women Development Centre

Visited alumni of Women Development Centre in Lakwana, Awo Bobi and concluded with Koro, really inspiring meeting some of them in their work places. When you empower a woman you can be sure of positive impact in the lives of many. Pray that we get many more young women and girls to study at the Women Development Centre 2018. We have courses in Tailoring and Garment Cutting, Hairdressing and Knitting (Sweater). The fees are affordable and we admit even those who have not made it to Primary Seven. Classes starts on 6th February. For those who completed in 2017 graduation is scheduled for April 14. We thank God that with support from our Friends in Denmark especially Elsebeth and her team we will be able to provide them with start up kits like
new sewing machines and hairdressing kits