19 January 2007

Church to spearhead change

Eight Deacons were on Sunday 14th January 2007 ordained priest in Bungatira Church of Uganda by the Bishop of the Diocese of Northern Uganda, Nelson Onono-Onweng assisted by the assistant Bishop of Bristol Diocese UK Lee Rayfield. Bishop Lee who was the preacher called upon the newly ordained to change the world, " The Church is to be an instrument of changing the world, family, villages and town and to spearhead change". Bishop Lee appealed to the ordained to live and care for God's church in northern Uganda who have lost the will to act due to the 20 years war and have resorted to a new culture of waiting for relief items; instead of the normal diligence and industry that once categorized the Acholi people.Those ordained priests were; Rev.Lumumba Patrick, Rev. Odoch Alfred, Rev. Charles Komakech, Rev.Opoka Charles, Rev. Opiyo Robinson, Rev. Auma Lucy, Rev, Thomas Akena and Rev. Kweya Alfred, While Rev.Godfrey Loum was ordained Deacon. Bihsop Lee was accampanied by three other priests from Bristol; Revd Stuart Taylor, Revd Philip Rowe and Rev.David Lloyd.
In another related development Bishop Nelson received a new pastoral stuff from the Bishop of Bristol as a gift.

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