29 January 2007

More than only war

Northern Uganda is a place best know for killings, abduction, homelessness and hopelessness, but spiritually life has meaning to thousand of christians. Sunday 28th Janaury shows yet over 100 chritains beaing confirmed into the christian faith in the Anglican Church at Christ Church in Gulu. Bishop Nelson appealed to the newly confirmed to transform the lives of people by practising the christian faith.

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Anonymous said...

Gulu indeed is more than just war. I lived in Gulu for 7 years of my childhood life, and my memories of that place are 1) a very clean town 2) very hardworking people 3) very religious and prayerful people. I went back to Gulu in 2006 with a team of young Americans, and my heart bled at the destruction, but I was amazed to see the prayer zeal and love and trust that the people had for God. My prayer is that the children are rooted in the Biblical scriptures, so that the word will be hidden in their hearts....Psalm 119:11. This will be their defence and comfort for many years and generations to come