19 March 2007

The winner in this war

The time is 7:20am, as I was cleaning the compound, I saw two cocks fighting seriously, and it drew my attention as well as the attention of my family members. As I continue watching this drama, I recalled what the leader of the LRA Joseph Kony said on the war in Northern Uganda. Kony said “Lweny wa ni obedo calo pa twong gweno, ma acel ryemo lawote, itamo ni dong kibwoyo ento koni inongo ni en ma ocako ngwec ni dok cako ryemo lawote” Meaning this war is like that of two cocks, one may be overpower and you may think it has defeated the other one, but surprisingly the one who is being chased may regain strength and come back to continue the fight. As I was sharing this with my family and taking pictures, my heart begins to have pity for the one who was facing it rough, finally I decided to take one away and hide it from the other one. This I thought would be the best alternative to stop the fight. But now that I am away I am not sure what the next thing would be, given the fact that the two cocks may meet again.
As you think over this story think about the solution to the war in northern Uganda.
I later learnt that one cock belong to Bishop Nelson Onono-Onweng while the other one is for a camp resident just some few meters away from the Bishop’s residence at Mican in Gulu Municipality.

By Rev. Willy Akena

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