17 May 2007

What is happening in Gulu

Today as I was coming from the office the Resident District Commissioner Gulu, I passed via the market street in Gulu town. I was attracted to a small group of people gathered around a man who claim to be Jesus; this man is actually called Oryem Bosco. The sight of Bosco who is lame, poorly dressed, putting on shoe on one leg, on his head is hut made out of motor-car tyre that has been properly made and a cross on top. Bosco has the Rosary and a white handkerchief. According to him the world is soon coming to an end and that he has been sent by God to reveal his plan for mankind. He says he is as wise as a computer and any questions posed to him he is able to give an answer.
This kind of strange figures reminds me of how Joseph Kony, Alice Lakwena (RIP) and Sevirino Lukoya rose up and confused a number of people.
I only pray that after Joseph Kony war has ended no such people should come again to deceive others.
The Bible is very clear on such people; As Jesus was sitting on the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to him privately." Tell us," they said, "when this will happen, and what will be the sign of your coming and of the end of the age" Jesus answered: "watch out that no one deceives you" Matthew 24: 3-4


The 27th Comrade said...

Hahahaha. People with long hair tend to conjure up mysticism a lot. I see he is rather well-kitted. Complete with the oppressed look. That's funny.

He is a psycho. I don't think many people will take him too seriously (but I know some will, and that is the danger).
He reminds me, I am afraid, of the real Jesus. Wasn't he also called a psycho? But it all depends, really. I can't wait to know how he ends up. Maybe I'll even follow him! :o)

Pernille said...

Hi Willy
That was a really interesting post. I see your point.