25 June 2007

Danes flock Northern Uganda

The past few days has seen a good number of Danes in Northern Uganda for a visit to the camps. Early this year a group of students from a journalism school in Denmark were in Gulu. Last week we had Jeppe Krogager, Ms Sanne Nyland Christensen and Jens Jonathan Steen. This group went to Amuru camp in Amuru District. Today Monday, we are grateful to host yet another Danish journalist in the person of Katrine Birkedal Christensen. Katrine visited Pabbo camp, which now has a population of 40, 290 left in the main camp, the rest have gone to eleven smaller camps nearer to their villages. Now the main camp is less crowded in terms of people, but the huts are still intact. That means should any thing happen, they can run back to the main camp again.

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The 27th Comrade said...

I gather that is the Danish reporter that the (earlier) Danish students directed to this side.