06 June 2007

New Bishop for the Diocese in 2009

Today, Wednesday June 6, 2007 Professor Tarsis Kabwegyere officially opens the Diocesan Synod. Bishop Nelson delivered his charge and members have broken into houses of Laity and Clergy to discuss the professor’s address, Bishop’s Charge and the report from the Diocesan Council.
Tomorrow, Thursday June 7, members will continue the discussion of the papers and thereafter come back in the plenary for presentation.
Bishop Nelson said his retirement is in 2009, mandatory he is to retire at the age of 65 and that should have been on January 21, 2010. But according to his charge 2008 he will visit the Christian to say bye and 2009 Election of the New Bishop and consecration as well.
More to come

Rev.Willy Akena

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