23 July 2007

Come Now , let us Leave

Prof. Tarsis Kabwegyere, Minister of Relief and Disaster Preparedness share notes with Rt. Rev. Nelson Onono-Onweng at the SYNOD: Photo by Rev. Willy Akena

Diocese of northern Uganda


By Lukwiya Pamela
Prof. Kabwegyere’s call to the Church to lead the way home
“Arise let us leave” is the theme of this meeting which is taken from John 14:31. This call is to our people in the camps: Come, leave for home, leave the camp life, and leave a life lining up for relief: leave a life of congestion: leave a life of misery for a life of self actualization: of self determination: leave a life of fear for a life of freedom. Live a normal life where happiness and development can be enjoyed.

It is a call to end an end to a chapter this is full of imponderables of many unknowns, it’s a chapter that describes blames and counter blames; full of questions; what went wrong!
I am here in search for disciples to carry out the following mission. A mission of hope that tomorrow must be better than today, a message of reconciliation that enmity and anger are ungodly; a message of peace since peace is needed by a chicken to lay an egg how about a human being? Peace is a universal good which all of us must possess; that it is a crop which all of us must grow; that is a harvest all of us must enjoy. I need disciples to plant seeds of food we eat for body nourishment, just as church leaders are expected to carry a message for spiritual nourishment. Our combined efforts will produce a complete person- body and spirit, together.
Arise let us leave this place with the mission of change wherever we go.

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