23 July 2007

Tips on development

Our Diocesan Technical Staff Obutu Daniel expresses a point using the MS-Democracy poster Photo by Rev.Willy Akena
“If you have a one year plan, grow rice, if you have a ten year plan; plant trees but if you have one hundred year plan, pay your children in school” goes a Chinese proverb.
At a training that was held from 15-16 June 2007, Mr. Daniel Obutu urged the participants to take that proverb seriously and implement it now that people are going back home. The Acoli need to be more visionary and move away from small subsistence farming in to commercial farming and learn to plan for long term activities. Mr. Uma Charles the District Disaster Management Committee Chairman took the catechists through a mind boggling exercise on the return process.
The bishop of the Diocese of Northern Uganda, the Rt. Rev. Nelson Onono-Onweng in his charge to the catechists urged them to be like the cutting edge of a spear for the church. He said the strength of the church of God lies with them because they (Catechists) are constantly with the people, interacting with them. He called upon the church leaders to teach the truth, counsel the traumatized, work hard to combat and defeat the evil in society like adultery, poverty and his agents of evil. He also asked them to begin moving away from small subsistence farming (food for today) and embrace commercial farming that will elevated them out of the biting poverty these people as sunk in and also change their thinking of being poor

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Pernille said...

Hi Willy,
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I have a copy of the film from the Danish students. I am only in Uganda till the end of August and would like to give it to you personally. Depending on if I can make it round Gulu or you come to Kampala

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