03 July 2007

True Accoutability

New Vision photo of Dr.S.P Kagoda, the acting leader of the government delegation (right) exchanging copies of the agreement with LRA team leader Martin Ojul(left) and Dr. Riek Machar(centre) after it was signed at Juba Rha Hotel.
The government of Uganda is to adapt an appropriate policy framework for implementation of the terms of the agreement on Accountability and Reconciliation now that the agreement has been signed.
To the victims of the 20 years war, true accountability entails giving honest answers to the many questions that they have. As it's understood here, Mato Oput ceremony is performed after two parties have given full accountability of the crimes committed. We therefore expect the UPDF and LRA to honestly accounts for the crimes committed in this part of Uganda.
In the agreement we note that the parties shall promote national legal arrangements, consisting of formal and non formal institutions and measures for ensuring justice and reconciliation with respect to the conflict. The parties believe that a comprehensive, independent and impartial analysis of the history and manifestation of the conflict especially human rights violations and crimes committed during the cause of the conflict, is an essential ingredient for attaining reconciliation at all levels.
We continue to hold those in the talks in prayers.

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The 27th Comrade said...

This all sounds good. But ...

I will only let down my guard when one side has been rendered incapable of shooting again.
Now, that is the LRA part.

The part of the (mutual) misunderstanding is a different animal, which time will surely heal. The insecurity has to go first, and then the minds can be at enough peace within to start contemplating peace on the outside.