04 October 2007

A Caring Church

Bishop Nelson Onono-Onweng explains his point to Helen. Photo by Rev.Willy Akena

Helen Stawski International Development Programme Officer - Lambeth Palace is here in the Diocese of northern Uganda together with Vat Kmachiko from World Vision East Africa Peace Building Unit. The two will carry out intensive research on peace building initiative of the church. Bishop Nelson who was interviewed by Helen doubts the caring ministry of the World Wide Anglican Church. He said “For twenty years the church in northern Uganda has been bleeding but I have not seen serious response from the communion”.
While giving update on the situation, Bishop Nelson said for one year now people are enjoying peace. The Bishop commended President Museveni for accepting to talk peace with Joseph Kony.
In order for the Anglican Church to be a caring Church the Bishops proposed having a global NGO or commissions in the areas of Relief and Development, Education, HIV/AIDS and Peace if it’s to become a caring church that can respond to situation of needs
We welcome Helen and hope the result of her work will bring hope to the people who are now in the process of returning home from the camps. Pray also for the floods that has severely affected movement as well as crops in the Northern Uganda.

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