25 March 2008

Northern leaders for Juba meet

Bishop Nelson probably points towards home, Kony is expected to come out after the signing of the final agreement. File photo taken by Rev.Willy Akena

Leaders from northern Uganda are due to travel to Juba for the signing of the final peace agreement between the Lords Resistance Army and the Government.

However the signing slated for Friday has been thrown in doubt with the LRA insisting they will not sign the agreement unless indictments against its leader Joseph Kony and his commanders are dropped.

The International Criminal Court issued the warrants in 2005 against the top 5 LRA commanders for crimes against humanity in one of Africa's longest conflicts.

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The 27th Comrade said...

I always thought Kony was going to CAR to pave way for the signing, so that he is out of danger whether or not they drop the ICC charges.

Oh, well. Pray and wait is what there is to do.