02 October 2008

Wanted gang leader surrenders

Simon Wokorach the self-styled leader of the Tumbafu (Group of the stupid) unit that has allegedly been leading strikes in schools, terrorising teachers, raping schoolgirls and threatening the returned communities, surrendered to the Gulu district authorities through the Rev.Willy Akena on Wednesday 24, September 2008.
Wokorach, who has been on the list of the wanted persons by the security in Northern Uganda, came out of his hideout at the Sudan-Uganda border where he had taken refuge. Wokorach dropped out of school in 2005 due to lack of school fees and resorted to these dirty activities. He has been granted scholarship by Invisible Children for his education up to University. We have so many young people like Wokorach who drop out of school due to inability to raise fees and other scholastic requrements.

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