04 December 2008

Orombi concludes Northern tour

Bwola dancers at Bungatira in Ajulu Archdeaconry
Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi holding one of the many gifts during his pastoral visit to the Diocese

Anglican Archbishop Henry Luke Orombi has decried the rampant land wrangle in Northern Uganda. He said the problem is worst in Amuru district where he visited for three days. Delivering a sermon at Christ Church on Sunday, Archbishop Orombi appealed to the public to help political leaders find amicable solution to the land wrangles. He also caution the Acholi against selling the land saying the land has been given to them by God for them and future generations to live in. He said many people had learnt that the Acholi land is fertile and therefore need a piece of it. He warned the rich not to provoke the situation by wanting to buy big chunk of land. Archbishop Orombi concluded his pastoral tour of the Diocese of Northern Uganda on Sunday 30, December 2008

Meanwhile Archbishop Orombi has tasked the Northern Diocese Bishop Nelson Onono-Onweng to explain why he was never received with royal bwola dance during his visit except in Bungatira.
Archbishop Orombi said Acholi have the best traditional dance and music in Uganda and was surprised to note that he was not welcome by Bwola dance during his visit. Bishop Nelson referred the question to Archdeacons of Keyo Rev. J.P Nyeko and Rev. Oyet William Willies who explained that it is pagan way to use local dance and songs.
Archbishop Orombi who is a guitarist himself appealed to the clergy to unbind the Christians to let them use sanctified local songs and dances to worship the Lord.

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