07 October 2010

Challenges in our Primary Schools in Northern Uganda

Report on text books distribution in 33 primary schools in Diocese of Northern Uganda
By Rev. Okello Charles –Education Secretary
Education Department Diocese of Northern Uganda requested for text books from Director Children International Church of Uganda-Provincial Education Department. After receiving these text books I drew programme to distribute it to 33 Primary School within the Dioceses of Northern Uganda
Strategies used during distributions
• Requested for a vehicle to help in the distribution
• Requested for a driver to drive the vehicle
• Requested enough fuel to reach the 33 schools
• Encouraged headteachers, teachers and pupils to make good use of the books and develop
• Prayed for the administrators, teachers and pupils of these schools as I distributed text books
• Asked the school administrators of challenges they are facing in the day to day running of their schools

• We distributed the text book to 33 schools which are church of Uganda founded schools
• Each of the 33 schools received at least 100 text books
• We guided the teachers to take teaching as God given service. To guide and direct the future of the young children
• We encouraged the children to develop goals in vacation they would take in future. This is to help them be self driven and work hard
Challenges we met during the distribution exercise
• Many children in rural schools don’t have access to text books
• Teachers lack reference books
• Many children move bear feet. This indicates that they lack most essential things for life
• Teachers have no accommodation in school
• There is high level of unexpected absentism of teaching during rainy season
• Time management is very poor due to distance from teachers homes to schools
• Some schools have no staff room and offices
• Most school lack equipment for co-curricular activities
• Many school wanted books for science which was very few copies
• The capacity of administrators in schools is very law
• We need more of the science text books for primary schools
• We need support to improve our schools to become model schools
• We need more houses for teachers accommodation in schools
• We need library, staff room and additional class rooms in some schools
• We need equipment for co-curricular activities


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