20 April 2011

Acholi Religious Leaders Condemn Demonstrations

Where as following the successful and generally peaceful presidential elections conducted on the 18th February 2011 and also as the people of Acholi having broken the camps of internally displaced persons and have returned to their villages, considering the challenges they are facing in rebuilding their lives, aware that they can easily be drawn into violence, we the Acholi Religious Leaders in St. Monica Girls Tailoring School on Sunday 17th April resolved:
• To condemn the killing. Looting, destruction of properties and injuries of many people in Gulu on the 14th April 2011.
• To mourn with those who lost their relatives and send their message of condolences to them.
• To sensitize the public to shun from politicians who would want to take every opportunity to cause states of unrest.
• To condemn the Walk to Work campaign, because its results have always involve human suffering, destruction of property, looting and to the extreme cases loss of lives.
• To urge the public to first seek police approval incase they want to organize public demonstrations.
• To identify some key political /party leaders to dialogue with other than let them spill their grievances in public.
• To invite the members of parliament of Acholi sub-region on a one to one discussion with religious leaders on matters affecting the public.
• To us e the media houses to sensitize the public on effects of demonstration and call upon the sow love instead.
• To urge the police to play their role of protecting the people other than kill them
• The army should have mechanism of controlling the arm in quelling down demonstration
• Police should watch these people walk to their destinations. Beyond those destinations the police should check.
• There is need for political reconciliation in this country as many who lost the election are still nursing their losses.

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