21 September 2011

Bishop warns of cyber criminals

Bishop Johnson , Picture by Rev.Willy Akena
Wednesday, 21st September, 2011

By Dennis Ojwee

The public has been cautioned against cyber criminals who hack into people’s email and create fake accounts to con them.

The warning was issued by the Bishop of Northern Uganda Diocese, Johnson Gakumba.

He was addressing journalists at the diocese’s headquarters in Gulu municipality on Monday.

“Cyber criminals have created a Facebook account using my name and photo. They send mails to con money from international organisations like in the US, claiming that I am the one asking for the money,” said Gakumba.

“Be aware that at the moment, I do not have a Facebook account to send mails or chat. If any one sends you an email with my name, just know those are cyber criminals,” Gakumba added.

The bishop’s remarks come after a cyber-criminal suspect identified as Charles Kinyera and his allies were arrested by the Police in Kampala. The suspects were reportedly sending mails and asking financial contributions using the bishop’s name.

Before his arrest, Kinyara had reportedly extorted over sh3m since September 2010, from several big international organisations based in the USA. Gakumba denied knowledge or relationship of Kinyara and said it is possible that the suspect was working with some malicious people.

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