25 November 2011

38 Wedded at Musalaba Shrine

Today Friday 25th November 2011 a total of 38 coupes got wedded at Musalaba Keyo by Bishop Johnson Gakumba assisted by Retired Bishop of Kitgum Diocese. This is part of the big celebration being held here at the place where the first Church missionaries’ society preached the Gospel to the Acholi people in 1904. While delivering his sermon, the Bishop Mac Baker Ochola 11 called upon the newly wedded couples to remain loving. Picking from the so many Acholi tales, the Bishop challenged the young generation to think carefully before choosing a partner, because some people are attracted because of beauty or money.
Tomorrow Saturday we will have ordination of deacons and priest and the preacher is Bishop Sandy Miller. One of those to be ordained is Merylin Wilson, who is a lay curate in London

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this story of yesterday’s celebration and of God’s blessing on the Diocese of Northern Uganda. 107 years of faithfulness by the Acholi people and 38 newly wedded couples- - - what a blessing!!! You have a rich history in the Lord and a bright future. ”Arise and shine again”