27 September 2013

Ordination of Priests and Deacons

Many things went on in the Diocese of Northern Uganda, the Diocese ordained six deacons and priested two clergy. The Deacons are: Acaye Godfrey, Alanyo Jackline, Opio Godfrey, Olara Collins Oyo, Sandra Earixson, and Nyek Siomon Peter. While the Deacons who where priested are: Emmily Wilson and Nyeko Robert Luku.
We also hosted the retired Bishop of Northern Uganda Rt Rev. Dr. Benoni Ogwal Obwang the mission of the Bishop was Peace and Reconciliation. Many people where able to reconcile with one another. More to come Pray also for the Diocesan Secretary who is due to retire in December. Very exciting activities at the Women Development Centre -details coming shortly

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