02 October 2013

St.Philips Cathedral under renovation after 100 years

Bishop Johnson, Rev. James Okaka and Rev. Patrick Lumumba
Western Side of the Cathedral
One hundred years down the road St.Philips Cathedral was build by missionaries of the CMS  in partnership with the Christians. The Church remained in that state with very little renovation done. Right now the Cathedral is under renovation and the old iron sheets are being removed.
The process of removing the iron sheets going on
I spoke to the  Vicar of St.Philips Cathedral who said " Cwinya yom pi gin ma Lubanga tye ka tiyo ne ,Lubanga otiyo me aura" meaning I am happy for what God is doing. He continued to said that the Bishop has a special gift of building Churches. He then appealed to the Christians to mobilise themselves to start building a modern Cathedral, saying this one is being renovated to help for the time being. According to the Bishop of the Diocese Johnson Gakumba, the renovation is a result of support from Friends of St.Philips who are outside Uganda.  According to the foreman I found on the ground the renovation work is due to take a maximum two months. There is plan to celebrate Centenary of St.Philips Cathedral this year in December. 

Vicar St.Philips Cathedral

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