29 June 2014

From State of Hopelessness to Joy and Celebration

Celebration of a work well done:  Friday 27th June we graduated 70 Students of the Women Development Centre (WDC) who completed their one year course at the WDC in 2013.  The atmosphere was filled with joy and ululation as the former students receive their certificates and many items to kick start their life after school. Most of these students had lost hope after failing to continue with formal education because of cultural issues, war or death of parents.

One girl Monica Apiyo who did so well right from term one to term three got a very strong original SINGER machine from Japan.  This machine is more durable that the once in the market today. We are grateful to Marie and her friends for all the support in sending the machines and materials.
Mean while the rest of the students received brand new sewing Machines and assorted items. The tailoring students received Sewing machine each and the hairdressing students got almost all that is needed to start a Saloon.  Many thanks to DUFA and Kingos Church for the gift of all these items. For the last five years students who graduate from WDC are given sewing machines and items for saloon
The main challenge is lack of payment of fees and other graduation requirements which made some students to miss the items above. The condition for one to get these items is completion of school dues and payment of at least 25% of the cost of the items. This is to avoid the spirit of getting free things inculcated by the war in northern Uganda.
Why would one really come to WDC with the so many vocational Institutions in the area:  after graduation, the graduate are not left alone, we have a team called Outreach team who visit the former students in their groups and monitor their activities and provide necessary support. The groups themselves visit each other in order to share experience and forge way forward. By the end of May we already had 21 groups in different locations in the districts of Gulu, Amuru and Nwoya. With the passing out of these 70 students, we expect the groups to increase in number.
Please pray with us so that we continue this initiative of empowering women.

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