23 November 2006

Clergy to spearhead return

The Chairman District Disaster Managenmet Committee and assistant CAO Gulu Mr.Uma Charles today appealed to the clergy to take up theri God given role of leading people back to their original villages. Mr. Charles was today facilitating a workshop organised by the Information and Advocacy Unit for the Community Information Team (CIT) of the Dicoese of Northern Uganda at Sunset Hotel in Gulu.
"They clergy can play an important role in the peace building and general mobilisation of the communities to return home" Uma said.
Mr.Uma further said "The clergy could act as medium of communication and reduce stigmatization, counsel the returnees from their hoplessness attitude, high dependency orientation and psychosocial stress among others"

Earlier, the Bishop of the Diocese of Northern Uganda Nelson Onono-Onweng while opening the workshop said the clergy have to walk together with the people back home. He appealed to the clergy to give update to their parishioners on the ongoing peace talks and other related development.

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