22 November 2006

Not yet ready to Go home

After a visit to Pabbo camp, one of the largest camp in the Northern part of Uganda, I have learned that the community are not yet ready to go back to their original villages. Their concern is that the peace talk has not yet yielded the positive things they expect. According to the Sub county Chief of Pabbo, Mr. Akena Moses, Kony has to come back home before they can go home peacefully. They have a lot of fear that the rebels can still come back to Uganda and start abducting their children and again conscript them into their ranks

In another related development, the people have moved to smaller camps nearer to their villages like Jeng-gari, Otong, Bira, Okinga and the most recent one is Olam Nyungo, hopfully if all goes well in Southern Sudan then they move to the villages.

As of now the community are still trapped in the squalid camps across Nothern Uganda.

I am greateful to Pernille http://www.pernille.typepad.com who accepted to visit the camp and managed to learn many things. I hope she will publish some of her stories.

Rev.Willy Akena

Diocesan Information Officer
In the picture above, Pernille is viewing together with the children in Pabbo camp the pictures she has taken

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