01 May 2007

The best boy survives on left over

Kidega Dennis Okech was born in 1993 to Mr. Okech Charles and Amono Rose. Dennis is the third born out of eight children. Three boys and five girls. Dennis emerged as the best student in the Primary Leaving Examination of 2006 in his school, Pece Prison Primary school and admitted at Sir.Samuel Baker Secondary School in Gulu. Dennis attributed his success to hard work and support from his teachers. During the third term he felt sick but because the parents could not afford to meet the medical bill he was treated from home, thus took him long to recover. The problem was cough. After the exams he resorted to making bricks with the hope that the result would favour him and he could use the money from the sale of bricks to meet some of the requirements. Although it was not enough, but he started classes and as a result of non completion of fees, the result was dinial of access to the dinning hall by the school administration. Dennis told me that he used to go in the dinning hall after the other students have eaten and search for the left over, since he had no meal card.
At one point he was sent home to look for the balance, but the father gave him 1,000 (one thousand shillings) so that he can instead buy food from outside the school compound.
Dennis’ father Mr.Okech Charles worked as Prison warder and security guard but for one year now he has no job and in his early fifties. While the mother is a house wife.
When I talked to the father on Monday April 30th 2007, Okech said “I would like my son to study but I cannot afford the school requirements” “This boy (Dennis) is unique in character, he is the one who make my compound clean and wants to make sure things are done properly. The mother Rose Amono was not at home, but fortunately I met her on my way back. Rose told me that she wanted to handover the boy to us because she does not have ways of raising the fees.
When I asked Dennis what he would like to become after his studies he said “I would like to become a Medical Doctor so that I can help people” and I think he can make it given chance, Dennis got Distinction in Science.

According to letter to Parents Dennis Second term fees is 144, 850 (one hundred forty four thousand eight hundred fifty shillings) the other expenses including scholastic materials may go up to 50,000 (fifty thousands shillings) so about $ 115 US dollar Dennis can meet the second term requirements

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