02 May 2007

Troubled but not destroyed

The Bishop of West Ankole diocese the Rt. Rev. Jona Katoneene had a mixed reaction while on a visit to the Diocese of Northern Uganda. The Bishop came for the wedding of George and Joyce who are both staff in his Diocese. The wedding took place on Saturday 28,April 2007 at Christ Church in Gulu. Rt.Rev. Jona appealed to the couple to always forgive one another and have love as the key to their marriage.

In another related development the Bishop and his family almost shed tears upon seeing the suffering in a displaced camp at Koro Abili on Kampala road. Bishop Jona described it as “A transforming experience" and that he has not remained the same after this visit. He however confessed that he was deeply troubled by the human suffering that has been going on for 20 years. He said his daughter Rachel is 20 years and that had she been born in Northern Uganda she would have undergone all this experience. His appeal is for more people to come to northern Uganda and see for themselves. On relationship the Bishop said his visit to Northern Uganda has open door for deeper relationship.
Bishop Jona appreciated the resilience of women especially in supporting their families.
Although the developemt in Juba is positive but majority of people in the Internally Displaced Camps are still stuck in the camps.

Report by Rev.Willy Akena

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