31 October 2007


Bishop Nelson meeting LRA in the jungle of Atiak, close to the border with Sudan last year. Now plan is underway to meet in Gulu this weekend DNU file photo

As we come to the end of the month, news of the presence of LRA delegation has been greeted with lots of enthusiasm. According to Adek Yusuf who called himself an LRA who lives within the community, the delegation will hold a consultation conference in Gulu at Hotel Pearl Afrique on Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th November. From the LRA the following will participate:-Adek Yusuf Okwonga, Okot Santa, Martin Ojul (chairman), Ayina Odongo(lawyer), Obita Matshanga and Peter Ongom. The following have also been invited from Gulu, Pader, Kitgum and Amuru;-Government leaders, Religious leaders, Local Council, Elders/Opinion leaders, Camp leaders, Youth/male and female,
Victims, Resident District Commissioner (RDC), and Civil Society for Peace/NGOs working in Northern Uganda. Monitoring Team from Tanzania, Zambia, South Africa, DRC Congo, Sudan and Uganda will also participate as well as observers. The main purpose of the consultation is to get people’s views on Agenda number three that is Reconciliation and Accountability. Adek refuted media reports of conflict within the LRA leadership, instead he said LRA camp has been attacked by cholera and that Oti Vincent is one of the 70 or so LRA who were severely affected, Adek comforted the community that Oti is recovering and soon may speak on Radio Mega or other media.

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