08 November 2007

Excitement as LRA consults in Northern Uganda

Martin Ojul labour to clarify the fate of Otti left is Todwong Richard the President's Advisor on Northern Uganda Photo and story by Rev.Willy Akena

“The temperature in Gulu is cool and comfortable” said Dr. Onek Leo the representative of the Chief mediator. This was in response to a question raised by Dr. Riek Machar to check the security of the cessation of hostility agreement team who are in Uganda together with the LRA delegation for the LRA/M consultation. The one day consultation that was held at St. Monica Tailoring School in Gulu attracted more than 160 people including Religious Leaders, Political, Women, youth, and victims. The delegation was impressed by the level of commitment shown by the people of Gulu which is a clear sign of desire for peace. The ambassadors of the five countries of Kenya, Tanzania, Congo, South Africa, Mozambique and Sudan promised to redouble their efforts to encourage the LRA and government of Uganda to work even harder
The presidential Advisor for Northern Uganda Mr. Richard Todwong said the government of Uganda is committed in the peace talks and that its clearly seen in the meeting with the President of Uganda, discussion of the ICC and the security of the LRA delegation.
Dr. James Obita one of the LRA delegation said they discussed suspension of arrest warrant for the LRA warrant to be suspended for 12 months so that the LRA can sign the peace agreement.

In another related development, the people of Acholi are asking Martin Ojul the head of the LRA delegation to clarify the fate of Oti Vincent the LRA 2nd in command who is widely believed to have been killed by his boss Joseph. Kony. The people think Otti’s death may jeopardize the peace talks.

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