13 November 2007

Women at risk as they return home

Two will become one: This woman needs the husband to support her in the return process. Photo by Rev.Willy Akena

Now that peace is around the corner, women are more willing to venture into the bushes than men. In Alero IDP camp in Amuru district, women have taken the initiative to return to homesteads as reported by Julius Odokonyero, a primary school teacher in the area. Accordingly, they have cleared homesteads, and are participating actively in digging, collecting firewood and many other domestic chores. Interestingly, many of them have now formed village groups to help them accomplish their tasks collectively.
Their vision is to see that the work they do carries a bigger impact than individual participation. Unlike the women, men are instead busy drinking in the camp, with some starting their drinking sprees from as early as 8:00am!
According to Odokonyero, men should realise that the onus of success in family and community existence lies on them as well as on women. It is therefore important that men help women in accomplishing the return process as things go back to normalcy.

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