03 January 2011

Never be defiled as you start the New Year says Bishop

Group Photo with Bishop,visitors from St. John and Staff of the Diocese,

Today Monday 3rd January 2011 is when we officially opened office at the Diocese of Northern Uganda.
The day started by staff sharing their experiences of last year and their plans for this year 2011. The staffs were very grateful to the Diocese and the Bishop for work well done. While giving his remarks, the Bishop said this year is going to be a year for rebuilding family foundation and this would begin with the staff at the headquarters. He also encouraged those who have the calling to serve God in the ordain ministry to come up.
One staff Moses Otim caused laughter when he said he had been ordained informally-meaning people call him Reverend and that he would like to be ordained before he dies. Another staff appealed to the rest to own a Bible for themselves and read. One other staff said working with the diocese helped him to stop drinking alcohol. A driver said “when driving the bishop you must apply maximum skills" Others appreciated the saving and loan scheme which had helped them to build their capacity in a number of ways, like starting a business, building houses and paying fees for themselves and their children.
We also had a team of visitors from St. John's Church South Carolina USA. The visitors said it was time to rebuild, rehabilitate and reform this diocese and that they have been praying for this to happen and be part of the diocese.
The Bishop Concluded by urging staff to remain undefiled, faithful and with integrity quoting from the book of Daniel chapter 1:8
“But Daniel was determined not to defile himself by eating food and wine given to them by the King. He asked the chief of staff for permission not to eat these unacceptable foods"

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