05 January 2011

A visit to Musalaba " the Cross" in pictures


A team from St. John's Church visited the Hills of Keyo where 107 years ago the first missionary established a mission station. The Bishop of the Diocese of Northern Uganda and the Retired Bishop Allan Gideon Oboma led the team. At least 37 members of the community welcomed the visitors. A stone with an inscription “The Gospel was preached to the Acholi People in 1904" could be seen in pieces. According to Muzee Okwonga Andrew Enoci said " I kare ma wan dong waringo wacito i camp aye jo ma gitye ki miti me lim gubino gubalo kabedo man" Meaning the Monument was destroyed by some people who had a desire for money during the period when people where in the camps because of the war. “I am privilege to be here for a pilgrimage to this holy ground" Said Rev. Dr. Greg Snyder the team leader of the USA, St. John's Church. Bishop Allan Oboma appealed to the community to start rehabilitating this place. While Bishop Johnson said with prayers and support from everybody by November 26th 2011,a structure will be erected on this land and that the annual celebration will no longer take place at Keyo Primary School but on Musalaba hill. The community listed the following needs: - Church building, Theological /Primary School, and Water. At Keyo Parish Headquarters a church building has reached roofing stage


WAMONO said...

I visited this place on 11/11/11 and Trust me, There is now a Beautiful permanent structure here. I thank God for Using Bishop Johnson.

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