28 November 2013

In yet another historic even, the Seventh Bishop of the Diocese of Northern Uganda on 26th November installed Seven Canons in a colourful ceremony held at Keyo Musalaba.  Those made canons  includes three priests and four lay: Rev Canon Willy Akena - Chaplain to the Bishop, Rev, Odora Willy Francis-Mission Co-ordinator, Rev. Canon Akuta Wilson-Archdeacon of Aswa, and four lay canons( Canon John Stephen Odong Onyango-former headteacher of Gulu High School), Canon Abednego Ongom former MP for Omoro Country, Mrs Christine Onyango-  Mothers Union President, and Mrs Doreen Avola- Mothers Union treasurer.
Keyo Musalaba is where the first Missionaries of the CMS preached the Gospel in Acholi land.
We call for you prayers

From left to right, Willy Akena, John Stephen Odong Onyango, Akuta Wilson, Odora Willy Francis, Bishop Johnson, Doreen Avola, Christine Onyango and Abednego Ongom

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